Knitting department is one of the Almeda potential production department is one of that produce knitted fabric. The department has four sections:

  1. Reeling & yarn store section
  2. Knitting product section
  3. Fabric inspection section
  4. Fabric storage

In knitting department there are 5 (five) reeling m/ces which process remnant cones and eight (8) new pailung m/ces, 2 Rib m/ces, 5(five) old Mayer knitting m/ces & 6(six) Flat m/ces. The Production capacity of the department is about 6-7/day this amount including the Mayer m/ces.  Knitting department commonly produce single jersey ,pop corn, lap PK, PK, double PK & Rib in addition to this Flat m/ces produce cuff & collar of different design, sizes & also we want to inform this department is capable of producing different design of fabric such as Rib, collar, cuff, as the requirement of the customer.

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