Knit Processing

In this department, we receive our input from circular knitting a grey fabric , so we process the grey fabric according to the customer requirement then we transfer the finished fabric to garment and the over all process is as shown Input grey fabric from circular knitting then scour and dying after that squeeze and treating with chemicals later it will send to drying and after it sents to compactor then it will be sent to garment. In knit processing we have different type's products

  • 100% cotton
  • Poly cotton products in different properties
  • Different especially chemical treated products
    • Enzyme washed
    • Micking treated
    • Antimicrobial treated

The present capacity of knit processing is 4.5 tons/day. The machineies that are available in our departement are

  • dyeing machine carried sclovos with maximum capacity 500kg per batch & one sample machine with maximum capacity of 50kg per batch
  • squeezer machine
  • dryer machines
  • compactor machine
  • tumbler dryer
  • Mathis

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