Woven Processing

Processing department is to produce quality product which satisfy's the requirements of customer with a minimum cost of production. Textile processing is the process which gives color to textile material the color given to the textile material by dyeing, bleaching and printing processes is responsible for the attractiveness of the textiles. Processing plays a great role in value adding by products which contributes maximizes profit in Almeda Textile Plc. the department can produce up to 800,000 meters per month

Machine availability

Singing & desizzing machine Sanforizing machine Scouring/Bleaching machine
Thormosol machine Mercerizing machine Cold pad batch machine
Washing machine Cylinder machine Printing machine
Rolling machine Loop steamer machine Inspection machine
Stenter machine Yarn machine Calander machine
Jigger machine Emerizing machine  

Woven processing department can produce:-

•   Different sheeting(Dyed, printing and bleached)

•  100% cotton twills (dyed and bleached)

•  Polyester cotton blend twills

•  Military uniforms (plain and rib stop)

•  Denims

•  Chino trouser

•  Different canvases

•  Different shirting's (100% cotton and polyester cotton blend)

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